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From Paris to Sydney

Naïve chic, stylish, individually designed products. Timeless inspiration for everyday living.

Founded in 2004 by designer and trend scout Emmanuelle Flahault, Nell is a collection of clothes, accessories, home wares and baby wear that is wearable, practical and beautiful in equal measure.

Using old and new limited edition fabrics sourced on her regular trips to Europe, Emmanuelle creates chic, individually-designed pieces that are the product of research, fine craftsmanship and love. Each item is designed and produced with simple, strong bones, while giving you the scope to make it your own. Colours and textures draw on Nell’s travels to far-away places and on her French inheritance. From ethnic prints to vintage velvet to old-school linen and intricate lace… they weave together old and new, near and far… and paint the timeless picture of Nell’s eclectic style.

For clients who would like to create something even more unique, she is happy to collaborate on a bespoke service to suit individual ideas.